Dietitian Consultations

Consultations are your time to discuss any issues you might have in detail in private with your dietitian. They are there for you to feel listened to and supported, and they provide you with the opportunity to seek advice. Consultations are done in a comfortable, confidential and judgment-free space.

For your initial and ongoing appointments, it is recommended to choose an appropriate duration to suit your needs to allow enough time to:

  • Talk about your concerns
  • Discuss your medical and social history
  • Develop skills and knowledge
  • Set goals and strategies
  • Ask for advice

Privacy Policy and Disclaimers

Please read Be Wellness and Family Nutrition’s privacy-policy and website-and-social-media-disclaimer. You are encouraged to check it regularly for updates.

Consultation Forms

Pre-Appointment Information: Please read the Pre-Appointment Information prior to your consultation as it may answer some important questions.

Initial Consultation Pack: Please read and complete Initial Consultation Pack and either bring it with you to your appointment or email it to Alternatively, arrive 10 minutes early to complete on the day.